Bianca Morris

Bianca Morris smiling

Bianca Morris, MA, AMFT

Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #134358

Supervised by Kent Toussaint, MA, LMFT #44685

My name is Bianca Morris and I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and Associate Professional Clinical Counselor at Teen Therapy Center.

I have always had a passion for working with children and teens because I believe that getting support and care when they are young is critical to their development. Being young in this field, I am able to connect with your child on an emotional level by showing understanding and empathy, as well as helping them find confidence and resilience they need to move ahead in life.

I have worked in the educational setting with students with IEPs and have years of experience with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and other developmental disabilities that have taught me patience, flexibility, and dedication. I look forward to meeting you soon! 

I've always had a passion for working with kids and teens. All of my other previous jobs have
also been with kids and teens, especially with children with autism spectrum disorder. And
I've always just found that it's awesome when they're able to find their voice and see the resilience
that they build in session. So working with kids and teens for me has always been something that
has come naturally and that I love doing.

I found that the biggest challenges are if your child is in elementary school or middle school
or even high school, I found that everything occurs within this small bubble. So all the issues
that they're experiencing, all the problems that they're facing seem to be known by everyone
and even if they're not it can feel like it is. So it just seems that all problems are exacerbated
and it could really affect their way of thinking.

I love working at Teen Therapy Center because I am young, so I feel like I'm able to connect and
relate to emotions while still providing that insight into a more effective way of thinking.
Some things that I love to do in my free time are kickboxing, playing with dogs, painting, and
playing Uno with my clients.