How can you support your kids after a divorce so they’ll enjoy the holidays?

The Holidays can be hard for kids after a divorce. Is there a way you can you support them so they’ll enjoy the holidays even when they’re missing the “way it used to be?”

“I saw your post this weekend about how hard the holidays can be for kids in families going through separations. I got divorced this year. It got a little ugly and I won’t be spending any time around my ex this holiday. It will be the first time where we won’t all be together as a family for Christmas. My kids will spend Christmas Eve with their father, and then be with me on Christmas Day. We haven’t talked about it explicitly, but I can sense that they’re feeling weird and nervous about it. I would love for them to see a therapist but I just don’t have the budget for that. Can you give me any insight about how I can talk to them about it, or anything I can do to make them feel a little better?” 

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