Nicole Jabourian

Nicole Jabourian smiles warmly

Nicole Jabourian, M.A, A.M.F.T.

Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #141406

Supervised by Kent Toussaint, MA, LMFT #44685


My name is Nicole Jabourian. I am a youthful, compassionate therapist who strives to help clients become the best versions of themselves. My passion lies in forming meaningful connections with my clients and creating a safe space for them to express themselves however they choose to do so. 

Overall, I enjoy working with all populations. As a former athlete for over 15 years, I closely resonate with and have a passion for working with athletes who may be struggling with the anxiety that comes with performing in front of others and/or working in group settings. I also enjoy and have experience working with those struggling with their gender and/or sexual identities. I am passionate about giving clients a safe space to be themselves and receive the guidance and support that they may be searching for. 

I am a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (A.M.F.T.). I received my Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University. Prior, I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Psychology with minors in Clinical and Behavioral Psychology and Child and Adolescent Development

So my name is Nicole Jabourian. I'm an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist here at Teen Therapy
Center. And I recently graduated with my master's in clinical psychology from Pepperdine
University. Yeah, so there were a few reasons why I wanted to be a therapist. The most important
being that when I was young, therapy was never really talked about. I honestly had no idea what
it was, had no idea where I could turn to get additional support. And it was just really hard for
me to navigate my school years kind of on my own. So that was one of the big reasons I wanted to go
into therapy was basically give kids that safe space that I didn't really have and just help
them learn new skills to help them get through some of the hardest years of their lives. So I take
a really collaborative approach with my clients. I know how hard it is for them to sit in a room
with someone older and basically just listen to somebody else. And that's something I really
wouldn't wanna do. So what I do is I'll work with them and we'll decide what each session is gonna look like. Honestly, each week could
look different, but I'll give them the option to either play a game, we can do art projects. Sometimes we can just sit and talk if that's something that they wanna do. Some clients that I have experience
with and really enjoy working with are athletes. I have background experience being an athlete
in high school myself and in college, and I know how much pressure that is and I know how hard it
is to work in group settings. So something I really enjoy is just teaching kids how to work in
group settings, how to work together and be collaborative with other people and also just learn
to advocate for themselves when they're struggling. I also really enjoy working with kids
going through like identity crises, gender and sexual identity issues. I know how hard it is
to get support when you're going through something like that because there's a lot of confusion
and there's a lot of just trying to figure
things out on your own. So I wanted to be able to give kids like that space to process things in
here and just basically find new skills to kind of combat that confusion. So my phone number
and email are linked to my bio. You can just give me a call, send me a text or send me an email whenever
you're ready and I'll reach out to you as soon as possible. And I look forward to hearing from
you soon.