Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

What Is PCIT?

Who is PCIT For?

Do you feel like you just haven’t found your comfort zone as an authority figure? Parent Child Interaction Therapy is designed to help parents who feel they are out of control or otherwise lacking disciplinary structure with their children. PCIT is most appropriate for children ages 2 to 7. It’s extremely effective at helping parents cope with tantrums, defiance, whining, aggressive behaviors and not listening or following directions. 

So What Exactly Is Parent Child Interaction Therapy?

In PCIT a therapist guides the parent during play interactions with their child. Through an earpiece, the therapist supports the parent by providing skills and strategies to enhance the parent-child relationship. Therapy can happen with the therapist in the room next door or virtually at a distance. Parents learn how to be present and learn the right balance between affirmation and correction. 

PCIT gives parents the tools they need to be an authority figure in a way that’s right for them. With your therapist you’ll create a framework to reinforce positive behaviors and change negative ones. Families can usually expect to see a lot of positive changes and relief within three months to six months.

Elizabeth Maybalian is a senior staff therapist at Teen Therapy Center. Text us or email Liz directly link to find out more!

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