Positive Parenting Workshops at TTC

Positive Parenting with Liz Maybalian

Positive Parenting Workshops at Teen Therapy Center provide an environment for parents to enhance their parenting skills. In our PPP workshops with Liz Maybalian we focus on helping parents develop their style and abilities as authority figures in a way that also strengthens their bond and attachment to their children. Parents learn how to reinforce positive behaviors and change negative ones in a kind and loving way.

Some of the skills parents will develop in the workshops are:

  • When and how to use praise effectively to encourage good behavior
  • How to use activities to stimulate your child and redirect bad behavior
  • How to use behavior charts to reward and encourage your child
  • How to manage misbehavior through setting clear ground rules, using active ignoring
  • How to properly give instructions to your kid so they respond appropriately
  • Proper use of consequences

Parents set their own goals for change in our Positive Parenting Workshops. Liz will prepare you  and other parents in four fun and engaging workshops and then help you further implement your goals in three one on one sessions. Want more information or have questions? Send an email to Liz. See you at the workshop! 

If you have more questions about how any of the groups at Teen Therapy Center may benefit your family, we welcome you to get in touch with us. We are happy to answer your questions

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