Positive Parenting Workshops at TTC

Speaker 1
Hi everyone, it's Brian from Teen Therapy Center and I'm here today with senior staff therapist
and supervisor Elizabeth Mabaligan. How are you Liz?

peaker 2
Good Brian, how are you?

Speaker 1
I am good and we are going to talk to you today a little bit about positive parenting workshops here
at Teen Therapy Center. So Liz, my impression of the positive parenting workshop is that it
really is there to help parents develop their style and abilities as an authority figure, but
in a way that actually kind of like creates a better bond with their child. Is that true? And how
do you do that in a workshop? How do you learn that kind of thing?

Speaker 2
That is very true, Brian. And how we do that in the workshop is by providing families with strategies,
parents with strategies and how to enhance their relationship with their child through better
communication, setting rules, setting boundaries and providing proper consequences in
a very kind and loving and safe manner in order to enhance the relationship between the child
and the parent.

Speaker 1
Okay, and then, you know, you know, seemingly like a bunch of different parents will come to this workshop. Is it true that
they everyone kind of gets to like work on setting their own goals and making making kind of like
their own goal structure.

Speaker 2
So obviously every family is different and every family is dealing with different issues,
some similar, some different. So at the beginning of the workshops in the first session, what
we do is we set goals for our families. We set goals for change in ourselves and we set goals for
changes in our children. So everybody will be able to set their own goals.

Speaker 1
And how many workshops does it take? I mean, how long is this program? So the program is eight

Speaker 2
It is broken down into the first four sessions where this is where we all come together, we set
our goals, we talk about what's going on, we learn all the strategies, both to enhance our relationships
and also strategies to also improve compliance in the home. And then the next three sessions,
I will call each family and I do check-ins where we're talking specifically with each family
and fine tuning the skills and strategies that the parents have gone home and are implementing.
And the final session, we come back together and we all talk about what we've learned, how things
have changed, and we talk about all the improvements that we are all experiencing.

Speaker 1
Okay, okay. So what you're telling me is that if I do this workshop, I'll be able to tell my kid
what to do. They will do what I want them to do. And we'll actually have like a stronger bond to
each other. Absolutely. Yeah, okay. I'm sold. I'm sold. Okay, well, there you have it. If you
have more questions or if you want to learn more about our positive parenting workshops, check
out our positive parenting page at teentherapycenter.com. And there you can also get in touch
with Liz and ask questions if you'd like to, or sign up. Thank you so much for watching this video.

Positive Parenting with Liz Maybalian

Positive Parenting Workshops at Teen Therapy Center provide an environment for parents to enhance their parenting skills. In our PPP workshops with Liz Maybalian we focus on helping parents develop their style and abilities as authority figures in a way that also strengthens their bond and attachment to their children. Parents learn how to reinforce positive behaviors and change negative ones in a kind and loving way.

Some of the skills parents will develop in the workshops are:

  • When and how to use praise effectively to encourage good behavior
  • How to use activities to stimulate your child and redirect bad behavior
  • How to use behavior charts to reward and encourage your child
  • How to manage misbehavior through setting clear ground rules, using active ignoring
  • How to properly give instructions to your kid so they respond appropriately
  • Proper use of consequences

Parents set their own goals for change in our Positive Parenting Workshops. Liz will prepare you  and other parents in four fun and engaging workshops and then help you further implement your goals in three one on one sessions. Want more information or have questions? Send an email to Liz. See you at the workshop! 

If you have more questions about how any of the groups at Teen Therapy Center may benefit your family, we welcome you to get in touch with us. We are happy to answer your questions