Francesco Onorati

Francesco Onorati smiles warmly

Francesco Onorati, MS, AMFT

Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #137902

Supervised by Kent Toussaint, MA, LMFT #44685

Hello! My name is Francesco Onorati and I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and at Teen Therapy Center.

I began practicing as a marriage and family therapy trainee while in the CSUN graduate program in 2021. I graduated with honors from CSUN at the end of 2022 and began practicing as an Associate MFT in the beginning of 2023.

I have experience working with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, social phobias, trauma, along with many other issues. And I work to treat these concerns using a variety of therapeutic methods including CBT, Narrative, and person-focused therapy. I have worked with many populations from young children (as early as 4 years old) to couples and adults (in their 50s). While I enjoy working with all populations, I am especially interested in working with teen athletes and teens who are creatively driven. As someone who participated in both these areas as a young adult I have a unique understanding of the pressures that exist to succeed.

My therapy is informed by the belief that strong connections and trust are the foundation of true adaptation. Without the ability to feel comfortable in the room, kids will simply say whatever they can to get through sessions. So I endeavor to create a space that not only allows for connection but also autonomy, leaving room for my clients to lead their therapeutic journey as I walk alongside them.

Hi, my name is Francesco Onorati and I'm an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist at Teen
Therapy Center. I graduated from CSUN with my Master's in Counseling. I like to work with kids
because I believe that there's a lot of benefit to teaching children how to accept, express,
and understand their emotions from an early age. This can lead to all kinds of positive outcomes.
And I also believe wholeheartedly that kids are incredibly resilient. And that resiliency
doesn't always get to show itself in family situations because parents oftentimes, they want
what's best for their kids and they don't give their kids the space to process these things on
their own. So what I work to do in the room with my clients is to really give them that autonomy,
give them that space to accept, learn, and express their emotions in whatever way is healthy
and beneficial for them. And my hope, and I think that my practice, leads to more positive connections,more positive emotions, and overall just happier outcomes. I have worked with kids who are dealing with anxiety. I've worked with kids dealing
with depression. I've worked with eating disorders, all manner of subjects. My specialization
is working with kids and teens who are athletes and artists. I think both of these areas, while
they seem very disparate, actually have some incredible similarities. Both are focused on
performance. When it comes to athletics, it's physical performance. When it comes to artistry,
it can be performance on a stage or performance on canvas. And with that performance comes a
lot of pressure both from within and from without. And so helping kids process how to deal with
that pressure and how to turn it into success is something that I find to be very rewarding. So
if you're looking for sessions for your child or even for yourself, at TTC we have availability
throughout the day from the morning until the evening and we can set up a time where I can give
you a call and talk about what's been going on and we can
set up an intake session. Thanks so much!