Withdrawn teen ignoring father
withdrawn teen ignoring father wanting to go for a walk
withdrawn teen dismissing father
Father looking discouraged and sad with teen in the distance

Shy & Withdrawn

illustration of a boy with the title "shy and withdrawn."


I’m Matthew. What’s the big deal? I don’t like talking because I don’t have anything to say. School is completely stupid. My history teacher is half deaf so he doesn’t hear all the crap that goes on behind his back while I’m getting picked on. Social media is totally ridiculous. People must be really bored because they even talk about me there. Like I care. A few years ago my parents got a divorce. Things were pretty horrible before then so… whatever, I don’t really care. It’s been one crappy thing after another since then. My stepsister is an Olympic hopeful for gymnastics. I’m supposed to be “inspired” by going to her competitions… yeah, right! My little brother has “special needs” so he screams and cries about everything that breathes. I supposedly had all this “potential” but now they’re just hoping I graduate. Dad just took the TV from my room… EPIC FAIL! I told him, “My potential is with video games.” He should be happy that I’m finally making friends online. It’s not mindless and stupid. It actually helps me get through my already crappy week. There’s a ton of whisky and other stuff in the cabinet that no one pays attention to… it tastes horrible, but I’m getting used to it.

When a teenager like Matthew comes to Teen Therapy Center, we help him find his voice and express the emotions that he struggles to understand in a healthier way. He’ll learn to strengthen his sense of self, boost his confidence and figure out who he is and who he wants to become as he matures. He will develop the social skills necessary to eventually branch out on his own as a fulfilled and healthy adult. In time he will be able to reach out to trusted loved ones for support, enabling him to thrive.

Feeling alone and cut off can shatter a teen’s sense of self and desire to find fulfillment. If your kid struggles to connect with peers and needs to strengthen social confidence, Teen Therapy Center would like to help.