Mother upset about teen failing classes while teen dismisses issue
teen attending fake "study group" where he is smokes marijuana

Unmotivated & Disinterested

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I’ve had Jacob and all his older siblings come through my class over the years. Jacob’s the brightest of them all… if only he’d apply himself. He’s one of those kids who used to ace every test, and sometimes still does without an ounce of studying or paying attention in class. He’s so bored that he’s just stopped trying. I know life is tough for him right now. His mom and dad are in the middle of a nasty separation. I can see the effect it’s having on him; being bounced around by two parents who can’t seem to agree on anything. He’s giving up and losing sight of how capable, intelligent and creative we all know he can be. When he actually makes it to my class, he’s usually stoned. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to take away Jacob’s phone while he’s texting or playing video games in class. He just laughs it off. The more Jacob pulls away, the more we pressure him to shape up. It’s not working. I’ve seen this more times than I care to admit. We’re going to totally lose him if he doesn’t wake up… soon.

If Jacob can learn to channel his passions and interests towards productive endeavors, his identity will begin to build in a positive direction. At Teen Therapy Center, teenagers like Jacob will be better equipped to identify the emotional obstacles that get in the way of striving for more in life. We can help develop a stronger sense of self beyond unhealthy friendships and obsession with video games and social media. Kids like Jacob can learn to relieve their stress through healthier alternatives than drugs and alcohol. Ultimately, they will be able to reflect on their past choices and build more mature decision making skills lasting a lifetime.

While everyone’s experience is unique, aspects of Jacob’s story are familiar to many. If any part of Jacob’s life resonates with your kid, Teen Therapy Center would like to help.