Community Outreach

What kinds of community outreach does Teen Therapy Center do?

Teen Therapy Center continuously strives to bridge the gap between parents and their teens as well as younger children. Joining us in our office to work privately is one of the most effective ways we can help any individual family. However, attending seminars and workshops geared towards a group of parents is also beneficial. All too often, we hear how “alone” parents feel during this long parenting journey. We want to help you find a community full of support during both the joyous stages and the difficult times. It is important to us at Teen Therapy Center that we provide parents with access to various forums where they can learn without being judged, talk without being criticized, and listened to without being interrupted. Sometimes all you need are a few suggestions to get you over that hump. Giving back to the community is important to us because we fully believe that our community as a whole is responsible for shaping and mentoring the children who will become our future. We all need to learn together so that we can help one another.  

parents asking questions at a free parent workshop

Teen Therapy Center provides seminars (often at no charge) to local organizations such as PTSA, church and professional groups that have parents looking to better understand and raise their children. You can come to any of these free workshops to learn how it is fully possible to have a peaceful household with teenagers!

Really? I can attend one of your FREE workshops?

The following is a schedule of upcoming workshops for local parent organizations that have invited me to speak during the 2019 – 2020 school year. Most are open for anyone to attend, however some situations may require that you contact the host for permission.

January 19, 2023 @ 8:30am
Alfred E. Nobel Middle School
“Who is this Crazy Person Masquerading as my Tweenager?”
February 21, 2023 @ 8:30am
Agoura Hills High School
“Who is this Crazy Person Masquerading as my Teenager?”
August 3, 2023 @ 8:30am
Alfred E. Nobel Middle School
“The Transition to Middle School”
September 14, 2023 @ 7:00pm
Alfred E. Nobel Middle School
“Homework, Yuck!”
October 26, 2023 @6:00pm
Chaminade College Preparatory
“Screens & Teens”
October 27, 2023 @ 8:30am
Robert Frost Middle School
“Who is this Crazy Person Masquerading as my Teenager?”
February 8, 2024@ 6:00pm
Robert Frost Middle School
“Who Is This Crazy Person Masquerading as My Tweenager”
February 27, 2024@ 7:00pm
Agoura High School
“Who Is This Crazy Person Masquerading as My Tweenager”
April 19, 2024@ 8:30am
Robert Frost Middle School
“Screens & Teens”

What kind of topics do you discuss?

Here is a list of workshops that Kent has created that are available for your group to assist parents and professionals alike to better understand kids and teenagers:

  • Who is This Crazy Person Masquerading as My Teenager?
  • Screens and Teens: Video Games, Social Media, and Other Electronic Obsessions
  • Parenting without Panic!
  • Homework…YUCK! Help for Parents, Success for Students
  • Sex, Drugs, & Violence: The Three Teenagers of the Apocalypse
  • Graduation…Journey to the Unknown
  • Co-Parenting with Your Ex-Spouse
  • QuaranTEEN: Unmasking the Challenges of Distance Learning
  • 5-4-3-2E… Launch! Transitioning through High School to Adulthood.

Will Teen Therapy Center come and speak to my organization for free?

Yes, we would be happy to speak with your organization. Feel free to CONTACT us at Teen Therapy Center to discuss which topics best suit your organization’s needs.

This sounds like exactly what I need! But I can’t make those dates. How else can I participate in a parent-only workshop?

Kent Toussaint also regularly offers his unique and highly popular groups called The Parent Workshop in his office. While these are not free, the cost is minimal, but the environment is very intimate and you surely will find the support and the help you are looking for. There is limited seating for these workshops so you must RSVP in advance.

What parent organizations has Kent Toussaint spoken to in the past?

  • Agoura Hills High School
  • Alfred Nobel Charter Middle School Parent Center
  • The Academy for Enriched Sciences
  • Because I Love You (BILY) – The Parent Support Group
  • Bishop Alemany High School Parent Association
  • Bridges Academy
  • The Buckley School Parent Education
  • Calabash Charter Elementary School PTA
  • Chaminade College Preparatory
  • Chatsworth Hills Academy
  • de Toledo High School
  • Dearborn Elementary School
  • Emelita Street School Parent Center
  • George K. Porter Gifted Magnet Middle School
  • Granada Hills Charter High School PTSA
  • Hale Charter Academy
  • High Tech Los Angeles High School
  • Holistic Moms Network – San Fernando Valley Chapter
  • Holmes International Middle School
  • Ingenium Charter Middle School
  • Insight to Teen Culture
  • Lanai Road Elementary School Parent Center
  • LAUSD Parent Center Directors – District One
  • LAUSD District One Parent Training Conference
  • Milken Community Schools
  • Millikan Middle School Affiliated Charter Performing Arts Magnet & Science Academy
  • Nestle Avenue Elementary School Parent Center
  • Notre Dame High School
  • Portola Middle School PTSA
  • Reseda High School Parent Center
  • Robert Frost Middle School Parent Center
  • Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies Gifted Student Program
  • Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies Parent Center
  • Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies PTSA
  • Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies 6th Grade Moms of 2008-2009
  • Sierra Canyon School Parent Association
  • Stanley Mosk Elementary School
  • Taft High School Parent Center
  • The Jordanstrong Foundation
  • Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • Valley Outreach Synagogue
  • Van Gogh Charter Elementary School
  • The Wesley School Parent Association
  • Woodland Hills Academy Parent Center
  • Woodland Hills Private School
  • Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations
If you’d like to have more information on upcoming presentations or would like our Clinical Director, Kent Toussaint, to speak to your organization, you are welcome to contact him at 818.983.7728