Couples Therapy

Wait, Couples Therapy?

Although you know us as “Teen Therapy Center,” did you know that we provide counseling for couples as well? Is it really so surprising? We know what “family” means here at Teen Therapy Center, so we know how important it is for the team at the head of that family to have a great and loving partnership. But even if you’re not married with children we can still help you and your partner get the most out of your relationship.

A man and woman couple sit across from a therapist. The man holds the woman's hand supportively.

Look, having one teammate in life isn’t easy. We support couples to understand each others’ points of view and get on the same page. Our goal is to assist in strengthening communication and creating greater empathy and understanding. In couples therapy, partners have the opportunity to gain trust and develop a deeper understanding of their partner’s perspective and emotions. Having more patience and compassion for one another can help both of you feel more safe and satisfied in your relationship.

If you’re in a committed relationship and you’re thinking about therapy, it doesn’t mean that you’re somehow in crisis. Couples counseling works best when both people are engaged and open to the process. We take the time to make sure you both feel heard and find positive ways to diffuse tensions and repair the loving connection that you both want.

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