Tips on Teens

Non-Binary Teens

What does it mean when your child tells you they’re non-binary? Generally speaking it means that your kid doesn’t feel like they fit into one of the traditional categories of “male” or “female.” The definition of non-binary can be a little different for everyone.

The good news is that parents don’t have to totally understand how it feels to be non-binary to support their non-binary kid.

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Summer Jobs and Teens

A summer job is a fantastic growing opportunity for your teen. They could have the kind of positive experience that changes their lives. They could make new friends and learn something about following through with a commitment. If you’re going to nudge or encourage them in some way to commit, you have to do it with compassion and empathy

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Giving Kids Advice: “It’s a Trap!”

Your teenage son or daughter most likely doesn’’t want to hear what you have to say, or how you did it back in “your day.” What teens really want when they come to you in these situations is actually pretty simple. They want to feel “seen,” and for you to validate their feelings.

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The Long Distance Relationship and Your Teen

As a parent, odds are you probably don’t want to see your daughter (or son) in a long distance relationship when they go to college. We get it! There are some good reasons why you probably shouldn’t try and give him/her advice on this matter.

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Self Confidence in The Classroom

Are you worried that your teen’s lack of self confidence is setting them back in the classroom? If so, the first thing you’ll want to do is try to figure out what’s behind it.

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Evaluating Therapy: When Is It Time to Change Therapists?

At some point all parents with children in therapy will ask themselves “is it working?” How does a parent judge whether they should keep their child in therapy, or with the same therapist? There are some basic questions to consider to help you when evaluating therapy and if it’s helping or not.

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Help me with my boy Crazy Teen!

If your teen has reached the age where they’re boy/girl crazy, we have bad news for you: there is no cure for this. There is good news though. Your teen’s new obsession with romance provides you as a parent a great excuse to talk to them about the topic of love and relationships.

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Talking to Kids About War & World Events

How do you talk to your kids about the war in Ukraine? They’re going to hear about it somewhere so it’s best that you start the discussion.

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What is considered self harm and how can I get my kid to stop it?

Self harm is the intentional injuring of someone’s skin or body, generally without the intention of suicide. It’s serious, and can include behaviors such as cutting, burning or scratching oneself among other things. If your child is engaging in these kinds of behaviors, you should most likely get them in to see a therapist right away.

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