Kent Toussaint

Kent Toussaint, M.A. L.M.F.T. L.P.C.C.

Founder / Clinical Director

Kent is a warm and friendly guy who is known by many as being easy to talk to. When you meet with Kent, you’ll notice that he’s not judging you. Instead he is really listening to you. Not just the words you say, but more importantly, he genuinely understands the emotions you feel. When you are in therapy with Kent, you can expect to feel safe… safe enough to honestly acknowledge and accept your feelings, challenge yourself to rise above your pain and creatively take healthy emotional risks to empower and improve your life.

Elizabeth Maybalian

Elizabeth Maybalian, M.A. L.M.F.T.

Staff Therapist

Elizabeth is an energetic, fun-loving, charismatic member of the wonderful staff at Teen Therapy Center. As a therapist, you will find her to be open, honest, encouraging, compassionate and supportive. Elizabeth’s passion is to help all her clients explore their unique individuality, inspire them to discover their strengths and happily embrace their challenges.

Jennifer Perez

Jennifer Perez

Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor (A.P.C.C.)

Jennifer is a Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor (A.P.C.C.) working with a wide range of mental health issues. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Arizona State University and her Master of Science in Clinical and School Counseling from California State University, Northridge. As a part of her graduate school experience she has a Pupil Personnel Services (P.P.S.) credential which is specific to counseling students in the K-12 public school setting.

Brian Frith-Smith

Brian Frith-Smith

Office Manager & Social Media Coordinator

Brian Frith-Smith is the charming and occasionally brilliant Office Manager and Social Media Coordinator of Teen Therapy Center. He comes to Teen Therapy Center by way of the hospitality industry.

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