Robert Jimenez

Robert Jimenez smiling warmly

Robert Jimenez, M.A.

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #127728

Supervised by Kent Toussaint, MA, LMFT #44685

Hi, I’m Robert Jimenez! I focus on building rapport with my clients and letting them know that when they enter my office, they are safe and encouraged to express what they, want when they want.

The first population I worked with was people working through addictions. After seeing the struggle and process of addiction, I felt like I wanted to work with kids and teenagers because that’s where typically addiction starts.

Some of my main interests are playing video games of all genres. Most clients of mine know I could talk their ear off about video games or even anime and manga. I am also known to show many pictures of my cats and dog because I can’t resist showing how cute they look.

I’m a Registered Associate Marriage Family Therapist (A.M.F.T.) I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at San Francisco State University and his Master of Arts in Psychology with an Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Graduate School of Education and Psychology, Pepperdine.

I think my favorite part is the constant learning I'm receiving from them. I'm always learning
every day here on the job, whether it be learning the newest trends, music, fashion, or just
whatever they find interesting. The real thing that I've been learning is just the growth I've
been seeing with my clients. I've been working with clients for as long as almost two years now
and seeing them grow from teenagers to young adults or from kids to teenagers is one of the coolest
aspects of this job. Seeing the, you know, genuine growth and just switching a worldviews or
opposite interests or friend groups or anything like that. It is so cool to see.

I have to say I love working here. I love my supervisors. I love my coworkers. I love the atmosphere
in this place. It is such a fun place and it's such a warm place to be in. Before working at TTC or
CTC, I used to work at the methadone clinic and that main population was addicts. So switching
to a prior practice or a prior practice that works strictly with or that works especially with
kids and teenagers has been such a contrast, but I've been loving every second of it. Great question.
So as all my clients that I've seen that all they know is my biggest thing is connection building
or rapport building. What does that mean? That means basically I meet them on their level. I
like to, you know, I don't like to come from this adult authority figure or stuff like that. I'm
sure they get enough of that in their own life from college, from high school, from their parents
or whatever. What I like to do is really just get to their level, talk about what they wanna talk
about. Usually the first session I have with a new client, we don't like to get into anything super serious or anything super deep. If they wanna tell me their deepest, darkest secrets, I'm here for that. But other
than that, I just like to keep a surface level or just get to know them and just see how their day
is going.

So my favorite hobbies and my own interest is I love video games. I can talk about video games
for hours. I do talk about video games with my clients a lot. I love animation, I love anime or
animation in general. I love reading manga. I love the idea of animation in that the amount of
dedication, drive and passion it takes to make something of that caliber and inspires me to
put that much drive, dedication and passion into my own job or into my own work.