Blended Families: Communicating Discomfort About Your Partner’s Biological Children.

Life In The Blender?

So, you’re thinking about becoming one of those “blended families.” You’re successfully divorced, but you’re not sure you like her kids! What do you do about it? Here’s a good question to answer right now: which relationship is your priority? Is it with your partner, or with your kids?

Your kids are relying on you to make healthy decisions for you and your family. With this in mind, are you sure it’s the right relationship for you and your kids? You can’t just shoehorn your kids into a blended family and expect everyone to be happy. Have the conversation now, and if your partner can’t handle it now, it might not be the right relationship. You might just have to date for a while and live separately until everyone is out of the house. Take it slow and watch this week’s Tips on Teens.

Here’s The Question:
“I’m a divorcee who’s started dating again fairly recently. I have two kids, ages 9 and 13. I started dating a woman last year who also has two kids around the same age. It’s been getting more serious, and I see a future where we could possibly blend families.
Because of COVID, I hadn’t really spent too much time with her kids until now. I’m starting to realize though that I’m not totally comfortable with them. They’re really what I would consider to be a little rude and disrespectful. From what she’s told me, I don’t feel like they really respect other kids’ boundaries either, which makes me real nervous about bringing our kids together. What’s the most positive way to let my girlfriend know my feelings, and if I’m going to be those kids’ stepdad some day, how do I assert myself as a parent to them?”

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