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Teen Suicide – How do we talk about it with our kids?

For parents, there can be a lot of discomfort in talking to our kids about scary things like teen suicide and other dangers. These kinds of conversations bring up all kinds of scary emotions that we’d rather not go anywhere near. However, it is crucial to have these discussions in a calm and collected manner. If you’re scared or hesitant, your kid is going to pick up on it and match your energy.

I discovered my kid is shoplifting, what do I do now?

Finding out that your child has been shoplifting can be a stressful and nerve-wracking experience for any parent. It’s important to approach the situation with calm and empathy, as being the adult in the room is crucial. Take a moment to compose yourself before addressing the issue with your child, ensuring that the conversation is constructive and positive.

Parenting Conundrums: When is it okay to spy on my teen?

View Video Transcript When is it okay to spy on your teenager? Well, let’s talk about that today on Tips on Teens. My name is Kent Toussaint. I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist, and I specialize in helping kids, teens, and families to live happier lives. I lead two organizations, Teen Therapy Center and …

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Toxic Teenage Relationships: How To Parent Through It.

What do you do when your kid gets into their first toxic teenage relationship? For you as a parent this can feel like the world you know is crumbling to pieces. You may fear that your child is drifting away down a self destructive path, or that you can no longer protect them. These feelings are completely natural, but we urge you to play the long game instead.