Peer & Family Relationships

Extracurricular Activities and Your Kid

Most parents want their kids to get involved in extracurricular activities. Sports, art classes, volunteering and a whole range of other kinds of pursuits are important in the development of kids. But why? Engaging in extracurricular activities gives kids an organized social setting where they can develop their social skills.

Teenage Independence: How Can Parents Navigate It?

It’s normal for teens to push away from parents and grasp for more freedom and independence. But it’s also normal for us parents to be scared by that and want to hold on. The push/pull between parents and teens wanting their freedom is a phenomenon which hopefully helps both parties find the perfect middle. And it may even be a healthier place to be.

Sibling Rivalry and How To Respond To It Sibling Rivalry? Sibling rivalry is something that all parents with multiple kids will have to deal with in some way or another. Sometimes it can come out of nowhere and surprise you too! There may be times when you’re focusing a lot more on the child who has greater needs. And occasionally the child …

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