Is your kid struggling to complete their homework more so than you think is reasonable? If so, the first step is to rule out any issues that you think might interfere with their ability to stay focused.

Quiet Quitting

“Quiet Quitting” is a name for something that ‘s been around a long time. It just hasn’t had its own hashtag until now. Quiet Quitting is when someone who doesn’t enjoy their work or is dissatisfied with their job does just the minimum amount of work necessary to avoid being fired. In the age of social media Quiet Quitting has become its own trend.

How do I motivate my teen to be on time?!

f you’re struggling to motivate your teen to be more considerate of others, rest assured. Your kid won’t be 14 forever. In the meantime however, you may have to impose some boundaries and implement some reasonable consequences to manage the situation.

Your 2E kid, who is an adult, isn’t launching. What are you supposed to do?

How do you get your 2E (twice exceptional) son or daughter, who is an adult, get motivated to start thinking about a career, or get out there and do more? How do you handle the backlash you might get from them once you give them the nudge? What are the great benefits to them from getting a job. These are all questions we look at in this segment of Tips On Teens.

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