Young Romance: How Do I Protect My Kid?

Are you worried about your kid being in a dangerous young romance? Beware: the more you try to stop the relationship, the more you’re going to push him or her towards it. The good news is, relationships at this young age don’t last too long.

Non-Binary Teens

What does it mean when your child tells you they’re non-binary? Generally speaking it means that your kid doesn’t feel like they fit into one of the traditional categories of “male” or “female.” The definition of non-binary can be a little different for everyone.

The good news is that parents don’t have to totally understand how it feels to be non-binary to support their non-binary kid.

Help me with my boy Crazy Teen!

If your teen has reached the age where they’re boy/girl crazy, we have bad news for you: there is no cure for this. There is good news though. Your teen’s new obsession with romance provides you as a parent a great excuse to talk to them about the topic of love and relationships.