Understanding Your Teenager

Summer Jobs and Teens

A summer job is a fantastic growing opportunity for your teen. They could have the kind of positive experience that changes their lives. They could make new friends and learn something about following through with a commitment. If you’re going to nudge or encourage them in some way to commit, you have to do it with compassion and empathy

Giving Kids Advice: “It’s a Trap!”

Your teenage son or daughter most likely doesn’’t want to hear what you have to say, or how you did it back in “your day.” What teens really want when they come to you in these situations is actually pretty simple. They want to feel “seen,” and for you to validate their feelings.

Is your teen not communicating?

As adults, we can all probably remember being in situations where we had really big emotions but not been able to express them. Some parents might be tempted to take a “pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get going” kind of attitude with their kid. If your kid is in this kind of situation though, he or she is probably not in the “able to receive advice column.” Rather, they need emotional support.

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