“Wearing a mask triggers my anxiety. Am I alone in this? What should I do?”

By now, wearing a mask when you go out has become a part of life. News and social media are flooded with reminders to wear a face mask and do your part to reduce the spread of COVID-19. However, sometimes the need to don a mask brings up discomfort and (valid) anxiety. This week’s Tips On Teens question is from a parent having a tough time adjusting to the new normal:

“This is more about me than my kids. I hope that you don’t mind talking about this. I am embarrassed to say that I hate wearing these masks for quarantine.  I understand their importance, but I feel like I am suffocating when I have it on.  I hate leaving the house now, but I have to so I can get groceries and such. It also brings up a lot of anxiety for me.  I can’t see other people’s faces and it freaks me out.  Everyone on Facebook is posting about how important it is to make the sacrifice and have pride in wearing the mask and I want to. I feel so alone about this.  My teenagers dismiss my worries and I don’t think it is appropriate or fair to burden them with the history of my issues. Is anyone else struggling with this?  What should I do?”

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