“How can I find time to connect with my sons given my busy schedule?”

This week’s Tips on Teens question comes from a parent who wants to connect with her sons, but has little free time with which to do so. Here’s the question:

“I am a single mom with two kids. They are with me most of the time on weekdays and every other weekend. I feel like I am so focused on getting them to do things for school, sports and things around the house that we don’t have much time to spend together relaxing or bonding. I watch your videos and I know that I should make more time to connect with them, but that time isn’t there. I’m worried that as they get older, I might lose them to drugs. Their father and I are both in recovery. It’s not a problem with my kids right now, but I know I can’t shelter them completely from drugs and alcohol. With a packed schedule like mine, how do I make sure I’m connecting with them and teaching them basic personal responsibility?”

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