WHAT, TEENAGERS LIE?! Yes, and often! But what should you do about it?
“My 15 year old is developing a real pattern of lying. He lies about things I ask him to do, saying he’s done them when he hasn’t, and then trying to get them done when I’m not looking. He lies about whether or not he’s done his homework, and how late he stayed up. These don’t seem like a big deal, and I usually respond by raising an eyebrow to let him know I know he’s lying, but I know I need to be more proactive. 

I’m really worried about how this lying stuff will play out once he starts driving, or can start going to parties again where there might be alcohol. I want him to feel like he can be honest with me and right now I feel myself not taking things he says at face value anymore. What’s the best approach, and what should I say when I catch him lying?”

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