Pushing Kids To Success: When Is it Too Much?

If your kid excels at a sport or academically, it can be alluring to do everything you can to see that to its fullest potential. But if your teen isn’t feeling the joy of what got them on that path initially, then maybe it’s time to redefine “success.”

Sibling Rivalry and How To Respond To It

https://youtu.be/zJ88XllopSI Sibling Rivalry? Sibling rivalry is something that all parents with multiple kids will have to deal with in some way or another. Sometimes it can come out of nowhere and surprise you too! There may be times when you’re focusing a lot more on the child who has greater needs. And occasionally the child …

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Marijuana Use & Parent Suppliers

Some parents choose to mitigate their child’s drug use by becoming their kid’s own supplier. They think that procuring their kids’ Marijuana is safer because it keeps them from doing drug deals and hopefully steers them away from “harder” drugs. But while marijuana might not be as destructive as say, heroin, it’s not broccoli either!

What is considered self harm and how can I get my kid to stop it?

Self harm is the intentional injuring of someone’s skin or body, generally without the intention of suicide. It’s serious, and can include behaviors such as cutting, burning or scratching oneself among other things. If your child is engaging in these kinds of behaviors, you should most likely get them in to see a therapist right away.

Teen Hygiene

When is it normal for teens to start taking personal hygiene more seriously? Teen hygiene is a topic that leaves some parents holding their noses. Parents dealing with this issue today may want to take a different approach then their parents took with them. For example, shaming your kids into bathing is not a very …

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Is Your “Lazy Teenager” Going To Be The Death of You?

Is your “lazy teenager” going to be the death of you? If you’ve tried everything you can think of to motivate your “lazy teen” but feel like you’re going crazy, don’t give up! The first thing to know is that you need to make sure you are getting the support you need. When working through …

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