Connection Is Key!

Connection is the key!

Every parent can relate to the problem of wanting to get stuff done and not having enough time for their kids. How often do you hear yourself say “I’d love to do that with you but I have to do (fill in the task) first.” Balancing the things you have to get done with having quality connection time with your kid is hard. But guess which is more important?

It’s really important that your kids feel connected to you! Connection happens when your kids feel you enjoy being with them and they feel seen and heard by you. Connection with you develops healthier self esteem in your children. It also helps encourage more cooperation and patience from them. 


Most of us can’t afford to hire help. In order to prioritize connecting with your kid you may have to rethink what you need to get done. Is doing the laundry more important than connecting? Can you adjust your plan and make things simper? Perhaps you can even incorporate the kids in doing some of the chores.

In the end, your connection with your kid is just as important as eating, studying, etc. Relook at your priorities so you can find more quality time after work. There’s a lot to say on the subject, but we’re up to the task in this Tips on Teens:

“Often when I get home from work my kids want me to play and interact with them. I’m usually tired from working, and I know that if I don’t start making dinner, feeding the dogs, etc, it will push everything back, the kids will get to bed late, and I’ll get to bed late and be even more exhausted the next day. It makes me feel really guilty to say to my son ‘I have to make dinner but let’s see how it goes and maybe we’ll have time after dinner.’ I hate hearing those words come out of my mouth! It’s really hard to balance everything and have time to connect with my kids. How much damage is this doing to our relationship, and how can I handle it better?”

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