The Dangers of Drugs: How to Talk to Teens About It

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How do you talk to your kids about the dangers of drugs? The first rule is this: kids make better decisions when they have more information. Educating your child in an open, direct and age appropriate manner is the best way to start making your child more safe. 


Parents also need to create an atmosphere where their child feels comfortable coming to them when they have questions about drugs or when they’re in trouble. Focusing on connection building with their kids is the best way for parents to achieve this. Also, making sure kids know they’re not going to get in trouble when they come to you helps keep them safe.

Talking to kids about the dangers of drugs is a big topic, but we get into it in this Tips on Teens:

“I keep hearing about kids overdosing at school. I can think of at least two incidents this month at local schools near me. I think of my kids and I’m just terrified. How do I effectively talk to my children about the dangers of drugs without them tuning me out?”

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