ADHD: Helping Your Kid Through The Holidays

ADHD and The Holidays

Winter break can be a huge challenge for kids with ADHD. The structure and routine that going to school provides is really helpful for some. When that goes away, the potential of  boredom and lack of “distraction” can be really triggering. As the holidays approach it’s a good idea to talk to your kid and find out what they might be looking forward to or dreading about the holidays. If you’re expecting them to act like “little adults” at holiday gatherings, and not taking into consideration the other challenges that winter break might pose for them, then you’re probably asking too much. There are other things to consider when getting ready to help your kid with ADHD through the holidays, and we help you prepare in this Tips on Teens:

“My son is 12 and was diagnosed with ADHD a few years back. We’ve noticed that he really seems to get triggered around the holidays. We’re not really sure why. It was really hard to get through our family gatherings. It only improved once school started again and we were able to get back into our normal rhythm. Any ideas what I can do to help him out this year?”

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