“How do we protect our kids from the dangers of pornography, and how do we talk to them about it?”

How do we protect our kids from the dangers of pornography, and how do we discuss it with them? This week’s question comes from a parent wanting some advice on just that.

“Recently I began to suspect that my son has started watching porn on his computer. He’s 12, and because of Covid and distance learning, he’s had a lot more screen time alone in his room than we would like. I work from home and have a lot of Zoom meetings. Recently I checked in on him and his bedroom door was locked, and when he came out he had a guilty look on his face. I felt like something was going on. I’d really like to check his browser but I don’t want him to think I don’t trust him. Should I talk to him about it even though I don’t know if he’s doing it? I don’t want to give him any ideas, and also I’m really uncomfortable about it. If I do talk to him, what should I say?”

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