“My son is in a bad relationship and it’s hurting my family. What can I do?”

In this video we discuss the role of the parent in a difficult family situation where a child’s relationship is causing stress on the family.

“Our 16 year old son has been fighting depression, anxiety and anger issues for years now. He has a girlfriend who he’s been with since January. We don’t care for her as she’s very manipulative! He doesn’t see it even though she calls him names, lies, etc. She is a child in a foster home and the foster mother… We also have our reservations about her. Recently the foster mother asked if he could spend the night. She assured us she would be home and they would not be in the same room. We agreed. 2 days after, my son left his cell phone in my truck and I left for work. He’s been so angry and secretive lately, so I went in his phone and saw all the messages. One was him telling his girlfriend that if I call the foster mom to make sure she doesn’t tell me she wouldn’t be home while he’s there. And then I see videos and pictures of both my son and girlfriend naked and doing sexual favors to each other. Also, messages from the girlfriend accusing him of cheating and talking badly about us to him. We are so angry that he’s doing these things and don’t get how he doesn’t see what she’s doing to him. Before he was with her he’d hang out with friends, was happy. Now he’s angry with everyone and everything, depressed and not wanting to live. He just started medication from a doctor. My husband and him have always gotten along great, but now my husband is afraid our son will physically hurt him. This girlfriend is bad news and we don’t know what to do or say can you please help!?”

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