Are you all out of ideas about how to help your child process anger?

In this video we explore what’s underneath the “suit of armor,” and how to channel those feelings in a healthy and productive way.

“We don’t know what to do. Our 12 yr old son’s anger has gotten out of control since quarantine. He’s always had tantrums since he was little, but now any time we say no, anytime we ask him to get off his phone, he blows up, and it’s like he’s possessed. He’s swearing at us, he’s insulting us, he’s breaking things in the house. I’m embarrassed to say that my husband and I are actually afraid of him. We really try to be nice to him, we try to respond lovingly to him, and it seems like it just makes it worse. We can’t keep going like this. The tension in our house is really unbearable. What are we supposed to do?”

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