Obnoxious Teenagers

Why do teenagers act obnoxious?

If you’ve just about had it with those obnoxious teenagers, we get where you’re coming from. We work with them all the time! What’s with all that annoying, rude and obnoxious behavior anyway? And we know we’re generalizing here, but it’s more often the boys and not the girls we’re talking about, right?

But back to those obnoxious teenagers. The explanation is pretty basic. Boys in general have a harder time exploring and expressing their vulnerable feelings. They don’t have the emotional capacity to tell their friends how they really feel about them. The result is that they develop that rough exterior and interact through jabbing and antagonizing and then they become… obnoxious teenagers.

If  You Model, They Will Come

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but this is a developmental issue that kids need to pass through. The most helpful thing you can do as a parent is to model good examples of vulnerability and emotional maturity.. Apologizing to your kid when the situation presents itself, for example,  is a golden opportunity to provide a good example. As always, empathy and compassion will win the day.

There’s more to say about it, and we antagonize the topic in this Tips on Teens:

“I have three sons. One is a teenager and the others are in grade school. Our teen is 14 and he’s just not nice like he used to be. Everything is an argument. He criticizes everyone, especially his little brothers, but me and his dad too. I hear him with his friends when we pick him up from football and I hate the way he talks with them. The only way for him to talk to others is through finding what they do wrong or insulting them. He just laughs or ignores it when I try to talk with him about it. I love my son, but I don’t like who he is sometimes. He’s not always horrible. Sometimes he’s sweet and playful, but it seems random. How normal is this?”

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