Quiet Quitting

What Is Quiet Quitting?

“Quiet Quitting” is a name for something that ‘s been around a long time. It just hasn’t had its own hashtag until now. Quiet Quitting is when someone who doesn’t enjoy their work or is dissatisfied with their job does just the minimum necessary to avoid being fired. In the age of social media Quiet Quitting has become its own trend.

Employment Opportunity

The benefits to one’s psyche  of having a job are many. Employment can give people a sense of pride and ownership. Having a job can be really important for our self-esteem. When we have the opportunity to step into the unknown and see that we can succeed, our self confidence grows.

If your kid is “quietly quitting” their job, you can support them by helping them realize that there are different paths. They can change jobs, they can even change careers. There’s more to say about it, and once we start, we don’t quit in this Tips on Teens:

“My son graduated from college and is living at home, which I’m fine with. He got a job which was related to his major, but unfortunately he doesn’t seem to be too interested in it. He was talking to me the other night about the ‘quiet quitting’ movement, which I had never heard of, and how he wants to do that. It doesn’t feel right to me. How can I advise him and point him in the right direction?”

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