How do I help my teen with self confidence post-pandemic?

Has your teen become increasingly isolated during quarantine? How do you help them get their self-confidence back?

There’s a lot of potential answers to that question. If you’re a safe place for your teen, you can help him/her overcome their own self judgement which is probably inhibiting them. Therapy and other social support is available. We give you some ideas in this Tips on Teens video. Here’s the question:

“I have a 16-year-old son that before the pandemic used to go out and socialize with his friends. Due to the pandemic, he wasn’t able to see his friends much. I’ve noticed that when his friends asked him to hang out, he would come up with an excuse not to go and now he’s lost touch with many of them. I’ve tried to encourage him to make new friends, but he seems to be afraid of leaving the house. I’m worried he is isolating too much and becoming fearful of the outside world. How can I help my son venture out and make more friends without being so fearful?”

Check out our Tips on Teens video about back to school anxiety after COVID.

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