Is it too early to talk to my kid about sexual assault?

When should you talk to your kid about sexual assault?

It’s difficult but important to talk to kids about sexual assault. We recommend the conversation start early and continue over time. The way you discuss it will also evolve depending on the age and maturity of your kid. 

As far as what you should tell a young child? They don’t need to know the depths and the horrors of the topic all at once. You don’t have to talk to a nine year old about rape for example, but you can start the conversation in a way that’s age appropriate.

The important thing is that you’re at ease talking about it. If you’re comfortable, it’s more likely they’ll talk to you about it when they have questions. Check out this Tips on Teens video for some of example of how to strike the right tone.

“I have an 9 year old daughter and I’m wondering when I should talk to her about sexual violence. We were planning to wait until she was about 12, but I’m thinking maybe we should talk to her about it sooner rather than later. We’ve already told her the basics about sex, but I’m just wondering when is a good time to warn her about the bad things that can happen too. I don’t want her to live in fear, but I want her to be aware. Any advice?”

Want some advice on talking to your kids frankly about sex? Check out this video on having the “sex talk.”

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