“My teenager has ADHD can’t focus on her homework. How do we help her do well in school?”

School and homework are easily some of the more common causes of arguments with families we’ve seen. Now if you factor in ADHD and medication, things become more complicated. This week’s Tips on Teens looks at a question from a parent wondering how to deal with a situation like that. Here’s the question:

“My teenager can’t focus on her homework. She’s very smart and is capable of being an A student. There are always things to distract her. Sometimes she does the work, but won’t turn it in. This is causing big arguments between the two of us and arguments between me and my wife. She’s ADHD and takes medication but we don’t want to give her a booster after school because we want her to eat and the medication suppresses her appetite. How do we help her do well in school without the arguing?”

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