“My husband gets so angry at our sons’ basketball games. What should I do to help?”

We’ve all heard about fights breaking out at professional sporting events due to over-zealous fans, but what about when parents take it too far at their kids’ games? This week’s #TipsOnTeens question comes from a mother concerned about how heated her husband gets at their sons’ basketball games. How would you handle this situation? Here’s the question:

“I read this article (link below) about the fight at a little league baseball game from the parents when a 13 year old umpire called a play wrong. It reminds me of my husband and how he acts at my sons’ basketball games. He gets so angry at the players, the refs and our kids during the game. My sons and I are so embarrassed that they don’t want to continue but they are afraid of quitting because it will anger their father. My husband is a good man and he’d never hit or harm our kids and he loves them dearly. I think my kids would continue and have fun at basketball if my husband was not there or just wasn’t so angry. How do I help him do this?”

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