“Could you explain to me when I should be taking my son’s threats seriously?”

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Most kids at one point or another have lashed out at their parents and said some really hurtful or worrisome things… most of the time it’s when they don’t get what they want! When should you take these comments a little more seriously and when is it just a kid being a kid? This week, we have a parent whose son is threatening self-harm whenever he doesn’t get his way. What advice would you give her? Here’s the #TipsOnTeens question for the week:

“Could you explain to me when I should be taking my son’s threats seriously? He’s 11 and any time he doesn’t get what he wants he’ll say some pretty awful things like “I hate you, I wish I was never born, I’m going to kill myself if you don’t listen to me, or you’ll be sorry when I’m gone.” It’s always when he doesn’t get his way. To tell you the truth he’s desensitizing me to this language and I no longer take it seriously because I think it’s all manipulation. He’s doing it in public now which has caused a few of my girlfriends to voice their concerns with me. It’s quite embarrassing and I’d like it to stop.”

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