“My ex keeps bad-mouthing my wife in front of our kids…What can I do to stop it?”

How do you talk to an ex about their behavior around the kids? This week’s Tips On Teens question comes from a parent wrestling with exactly that. We’ll be discussing how to respectfully approach your ex with an issue and strategies to make co-parenting smoother for everyone involved. Here’s the question:

“My ex-wife and I divorced 4 years ago. Our kids spend the week with me, and the weekend with her. Recently I re-married to a wonderful woman whom I love and-most importantly-whom my kids adore. Here’s the issue: my ex-wife won’t stop bad-mouthing her in front of the kids on weekends! My kids told me about this when I picked them up and I am very frustrated. My ex denied saying anything when I asked her about it. I feel angry and stuck…what can I do?”

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