Are you a father struggling to get your young son to connect with you?

Is your kid extremely bonded with one parent and not the other? And if you’re not the “parent of choice,” are you worried about never having a connection with your kid?

“I’m a dad with two daughters, ages 11 and 8, and a son age 4. I’ve always felt really close with my daughters, and I’ve never had any problem feeling like I had a connection with them. My son however is a different story. He’s an ‘all mommy, all the time’ kind of kid. I’ve tried to bond and connect with him, but it feels like I never get anywhere. Whenever he needs comfort, it’s straight to Mom. He won’t even let me put him to bed any more. Not surprisingly I guess, I get no cooperation from him when I try to get him to do stuff like brush his teeth, etc. It makes me really sad to think that I may never have a connection with him. Sometimes I worry that it’s always going to be like this. Do you have any advice for me on how I can make him ‘see dad.’”

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