Blended Home: How do I Make My Stepson Feel Comfortable?

It Takes Time!

If you’re having trouble getting everyone comfortable with the idea of living in your newly blended home we have this to say: be patient! Getting two families together under one harmonious roof is a process. It takes time!

It’s important for you to acknowledge your stepchild’s distance and to make them be seen. Allow your stepchild to be in his or her place of resistance, and they’ll likely come to a place where they feel safe and comfortable. When it comes to making a happy blended home, there are a lot of different variables and extenuating circumstances, and bring them all under one roof in this Tips on Teens:

“I have two daughters, 12 years old and 9 years old. I recently remarried, and my new husband moved into my house with his 14 year old son. I’ve been together with his dad for three years now, and I had a pretty good relationship with my stepson before he moved in. But since he’s moved in, he’s been unhappy and distant, and he even mentioned moving out as soon as he can. Things were going pretty well so I didn’t anticipate having this kind of issue. What should I do?”

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