When Parents Disagree About Sex Education

The Imperfect Middle

Do you and your spouse disagree about sex education and what is appropriate to wear at school?

How do you and your spouse hash out differences with empathy and respect? Parents have to realize sometimes convincing the other partner over to their side just isn’t going to happen. Sometimes when there’s a chasm between two parents about an issue there is no perfect solution. Rather, in these situations, parents must find and accept the “imperfect middle.”

Educating Them Prevents Problems!

Teens are inundated with sexuaity and sexual material. If you don’t give your child the education to go with it, you’re probably missing an important opportunity to arm them with knowledge against misinformation that could prevent a crisis later. Statistically teens make better choices if they have information. Educating kids about sex doesn’t inspire them to do anything in appropriate. If anything it does the opposite: give them more information to make better choices.

When parents disagree about sex education it can have repercussions, and we talk about it in this Tips on Teens video:

“My wife and I have different ideas about sex education and what’s appropriate to wear to school. I really don’t think my kids should be learning about that stuff, and I don’t let my 13 year old daughter wear tops that show her midriff. My wife thinks it’s okay and this leads to lots of fights in the house between my wife and I and with me and my daughter. I’ve suggested therapy to my wife, but she’s really against it. So what’s the answer?”

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