Is your teen having back-to-school anxiety about online learning?

In this Tips on Teens video we discuss the impact of how quarantine affects socially withdrawn children and how to support them once things go back to normal.

“I’m concerned about my daughter’s well being. She’s 14 and has always had trouble socializing, but she’s always wanted to have close friends. Her anxiety gets in the way and she self isolates. Before quarantine she was showing improvement getting involved in activities and we felt like we were making progress. Since quarantine, she’s reverted back to being very isolated, to the point she won’t FaceTime with her friends but she’s very outgoing with texting and typing as long as her face isn’t on video. She’s going back to online learning which she has a lot of anxiety about because she doesn’t want to share her face on video. My big concern is once we get back to going into the classroom in person, how do we help her interact face to face without having a panic attack.”

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