How do I motivate my teen to be on time?!

How do I motivate my teen to be on time?!

It’s not uncommon for 14 year olds to have a kind of tunnel vision when it comes to being aware of how their actions affect other people. If you’re struggling to motivate your teen to be more considerate of others, rest assured. Your kid won’t be 14 forever. In the meantime however, you may have to impose some boundaries and implement some reasonable consequences to manage the situation.

Is my kid really just trying to exert control?

Your kid may be using a lack of consideration intentionally to impose his or her will on others too, in which case you need to explore the issue with them to uncover the cause of the problem. Either way, keeping the conversation going is ultimately necessary to motivate your teen, and we talk about it in this Tips on Teens. Here’s this week’s question:

“My 14 year old is never on time. No matter what time we say we are leaving the house or how often we tell him how long he has until he needs to be at the door he always keeps the rest of the family waiting. On a recent family trip with his young cousins and older brother it was no different.  We were always waiting for him and only him.  

He is capable of being on time when he will be in trouble.  He gets out the door for school.  But he could care less if he keeps the family waiting.  Talking to him hasn’t worked.  Any advice?”

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