What’s the deal with “quarantine induced loneliness?”

So you’ve locked yourself in the house for a year, and somehow your whole family has “quarantine induced loneliness.” What’s the deal with that? Loneliness is a problem a lot of families can relate to, and we can shed some light on it. As always, connection with your kids has something to do with it. Find out why what you thought was Ice Cream is really Broccoli as we answer this week’s question on this week’s Tips on Teens:

“I’m a mom who works part time. During COVID I’ve been doing what I imagine most moms are doing: trying to keep the demands of quarantine in balance. I’m basically homeschooling my kids as I help them get through their distance learning, and I’m trying to keep up with my own job. I know that part of my kid’s struggle right now is that they miss their friends. I can tell that they’re suffering from loneliness, and I recently realized that I am too! How is it that we can all be home together all day and still everyone feels lonely? What can we do to help each other as a family?”

Teen Therapy Center Can Help!

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