Has your kid boycotted Zoom classes?

On this week’s Tips on Teens, we “unmask” some of the challenges of distance learning. Does your kid have learning challenges that make online school difficult? Auditory or visual processing issues can interfere with a child’s ability to learn. As a result, school, especially online school can become a real burden for some kids.

It might be time to take a deep look at what’s going on with your child emotionally. Creating more opportunities for connection after school is key to finding solutions. If you can collaborate with your child on a way to do this, you’re much more likely to have success! If your child refuses to be part of the solution, therapy might be a good option to consider.  There’s only so much a structure a kid can take, and you might need to change your goals for your kid’s education to make them more realistic. Sure, thinking about college is really important, but you may just have to focus on the getting through the next six weeks first! Here’s this week’s question:

“Hi Kent. D you have a podcast or tips for parents of teens who are dealing with zoom refusal? For example, not attending classes on Zoom so they have fallen so behind they are now anxious from avoidance.”

Additional Resources

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