Suicide: Talking with Teens About It


We can’t overstress the importance of talking to your kids about suicide. Creating an open and accepting conversation about this topic is equally as important as talking to them about sex or drugs. Some parents may worry about “planting a seed,” or may be apprehensive about introducing the idea in the first place. We promise you; it’s important to talk to your kid about it. Create an awareness instead of letting it be a secret where it will be harder to address.


Ultimately when people are wanting to commit suicide they’re feeling alone, and wanting to be understood. Generally speaking kids just want to be accepted, and oftentimes when kids want to commit suicide it’s because they want to be seen. By creating an open and accepting conversation about it, we can approach the problem with support and optimism.


It’s a huge topic, and we start the conversation in this Tips on Teens

“In the car, my 15 yo daughter started crying as one of the kids in her class had attempted to commit suicide some time back. She’d told me she could feel their pain the day of but had done nothing and now carries the guilt of doing nothing.

She told me that multiple people in her year have attempted this and the pain she feels when she sees them or thinks of them sucks any joy she has. I asked her if she knows what to do if she feels that someone may hurt themselves. She says she wouldn’t know what to do if it happens again as no one wants teachers/ parents to know. I don’t know what to say or do or what action I should take that would not in turn break her confidence.  The alternative is a child could hurt themself while all the other children are walking around with this knowledge and silent pain. Any advice would be appreciated.”

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