Teenage Depression: how do you help a struggling teen?

It’s Not About Logic, It’s About Emotion

If you’re a parent having trouble relating to teenage depression, remember this: it’s about emotions, not logic. You may try reason as a way to help your kid get out of bed, but it probably won’t work. Instead, helping your kid with teenage depression requires lots of empathy and compassion.

The Weight That Never Lifts

For those who have never experienced depression, try to think of it as a heavy weight that never lifts. Teens experiencing this are suddenly unable to enjoy things that they used to really love. Maybe they’re tired all the time. Or maybe they just seem hopeless and lacking resilience.

It’s a big topic, and we talk about it in this Tips on Teens:

“My son is depressed and unmotivated. We just can’t get him to do anything. He knows he should be getting a job, but he stays in bed just looking at his phone. Also, he isn’t even hanging out with his friends like he usually does. I think he knows he’s depressed too. We’ve suggested therapy but he doesn’t want to do anything. How do you help someone like that? Would depression medication help?”

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