Teen Eating Disorders: Is my kid at risk?

Take Action Quickly

If you suspect you teen may be developing an eating disorder, you need to take action promptly. Eating disorders aren’t just a fad or faze your kid is going through. They’re a big deal that need to be addressed carefully and responsibly or they can develop into lifelong problems.

It’s important to know that eating disorders are an emotional problem, and parents can’t address them with just logic. Eating disorders are often a symptom of unresolved emotional trauma or emotions that are so uncomfortable that your kids are finding a maladaptive way to deal with them.  An eating disorder is a form of self harm just like cutting, scratching or burning. Parents often fall into the trap of trying to tell their kids how or what to eat and it almost always backfires.

Dive into the issues

We encourage you to go see a pediatrician for a full check up and find a therapist who works with teens that has some experience with eating disorders. The more he or she can dive into the emotions and self image issues, the more you can give them choices of how to deal with it.

Here’s this week’s Tips on Teens question:

“As the summer has winded down I’ve noticed my daughter has started eating less at dinner time. She’s also been talking about doing some kind of Keto diet or something. She won’t be specific about what she wants to eat, just that she doesn’t like what we have in our house. I feel like she’s become really image conscious because of going back to school and being seen by other kids and boys again. How do I know if she’s going too far? She’s still a healthy weight for her age (15) right now, but I don’t want it to get out of control. What are the warning signs and what can I do as a parent?”

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