“How do we talk to our kids about the Coronavirus?”

Coronavirus is impacting the lives of families across the country. It’s hard to not feel stressed or nervous right now, especially with the 24/7 news coverage. This week’s #TipsOnTeens question is from a parent seeking advice on how to help their family get through this public health crisis:

“How do we talk to our kids about the Coronavirus? Their school has halted classes, we can’t go to work, and we might have to cancel our summer vacation plans. We’re stuck in a house that feels smaller by the day. Everyone in the stores seems panicked, and the constant media updates have us all on edge. What can I do to calm my family’s anxiety?”

Tips On Teens is a vlog that our Clinical Director, Kent Toussaint, hosts every Wednesday at 12:00pm on Facebook Live.  He will be answering parenting questions submitted to us by you to our email at TipsOnTeens@TeenTherapyCenter.com.  Send us any questions you might have about parenting kids and teens and Kent will be answering them every week!

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