“We discovered that our grandson has been vaping. We are concerned about it but are at a loss.”

This week’s #TipsOnTeens question is from some very caring grandparents asking about their grandson’s vape usage. Here’s the question:

“At our grandson’s school vaping is a huge thing that kids are now into. We discovered that he has been vaping too, unfortunately. He knows we are concerned about his vaping, about his health, and that it is illegal. We found a vape charger in the entertainment room and asked him not to charge it there. He refuses. We have asked him also not to vape (him or his friends) in the house. Not sure if he is complying since it is harder to detect. If we find anyone vaping, smoking, or drinking in our home we will ask them to leave. Consequences don’t work well as they set up a challenging battle and power struggle. We are at a loss. Our grandson was caring, sensitive, kind, very good with his friends and family since he was little. Now he is removed, distant, at times rude (but still apologizes). It is extremely painful and feels like a huge loss. It seems like this was not the case with teenagers when we grew up (but maybe it was!)” 

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