“We recently had a baby and our 9 year old is becoming increasingly distant. What do we do?”

Kent is back from his paternity leave to answer questions. As it happens, this question is about having a new baby! This question from a mother asks about what to do when other children react less-than-positively about the new baby in the family. Here’s the question:

“I saw your email about having a baby. Congratulations! My husband and I recently had a baby girl (4 month old). We have three kids now; the two older ones are 4 and 9. We’ve noticed since having the baby that our 9 year old has become increasingly distant. He is always calling the new baby “gross” and is mean to her. I’m really not sure… and too tired… to figure out how to handle this change. We’re trying to support all of them, but honestly the baby is taking up most of our time and energy that it’s hard to care for all of them equally. Have you experienced this as well? What do we do?”

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