“Any discussion about politics gets ugly and I feel it’s tearing our family apart. What can we do to get back to sanity?”

Political discussions have a tendency to stir up all sorts of emotions and can get out of hand quickly. It can be even more heated when discussing these topics with family. For this week’s Tips On Teens, Kent will be answering the following parenting question from a mother who is getting tired of the political arguments in her household:

“My husband and two sons used to have great conversations at dinner about politics and current events. With the recent shift in the political climate, any discussion about what’s happening in the news gets ugly and I feel it’s tearing us apart. My husband and I have never agreed politically, but it was never a problem until now. We can barely talk with one another before it gets into why one of us is wrong. My boys are also ideologically opposite and it’s causing them to say such awful things to each other. What can we do to get back to sanity?”

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